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8mm Films, Super 8 Films and 16 mm Films

Put your old films on DVD
So you've come across your parents' old 8mm or 16mm films while cleaning out the attic, and you're not sure what to do with them.
Or maybe you shot the film all those years ago, and you'd like your kids to get a chance to see it.
We understand that these memories are precious and irreplacable, and you're probably nervous about handing them over to a perfect stranger.
At Video Graphics, we've been transfering films for years - and we've never lost or damaged a single order!
All film is transferred on the premises at our studio in Greensburg, PA. so you never need to worry that your film will be lost in the mail or during shipping.

Our pricing for your home films is simple - $.18 per foot.
In order to preserve the best possible quality, we can put up to 900 feet of film on each DVD. That's about an hour of video.
To get an idea of how many feet of film you have, consult this chart.

films to dvd - 15 cents per foot

Once your film is transferred, we can add acoustic guitar and piano music at no additional cost (sorry, no copyrighted music).
Your film is returned to you at the end of the process along with your new DVDs.

Order your additional copies when you drop off your film, or bring your DVDs back at any time.
Copies are priced according to the DVD duplication chart, which can be found on our transfers and duplications page.